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60267 Century Drive
Cassopolis, MI 49031

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Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Employee-Owned, Customer-Focused Insurance Agency

Welcome! Kemner Iott Benz is an independent insurance firm in Michigan with three distinct locations in: Adrian, Ann Arbor, and Cassopolis. We are dedicated to providing you quality personal and commercial insurance policies and programs. Kemner Iott Benz is not limited to any one insurance company, so we can shop the entire marketplace to give you the best personal and commercial insurance protection at the most competitive rate.

Affordable Insurance in Michigan

Dan Iott,CEO of Kemner Iott Benz in Michigan, is confident you will find an affordable insurance policy with the coverage you need. His motto is simple: "Protecting your assets from unexpected loss, that’s your goal, and ours, too! With our selection of top insurance companies, clients know they’re getting the coverage they need at the most competitive rate. When losses do happen, there are no surprises. I invite you to get to know our group of employee owners!"

Personal & Commercial Insurance Policies

Your needs are our priority. We offer a collection of exclusive personal and commercial insurance programs that can eliminate dangerous gaps in your protection and make your life easier, instantly! Kemner Iott Benz is a Michigan-based insurance agency that understands you want quality, affordable insurance. That’s why our selection of insurance companies is so large: to provide you with the best, most affordable insurance policies available today.

Kemner Iott Benz is an insurance agency built for people who want unrivaled protection they can rely on. We work hard to give you the best selection of top personal and commercial insurance companies, so you can find the exact, affordable insurance policy you want. Look no further than Kemner Iott Benz, your agency for tailored personal and commercial insurance needs in Michigan.

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